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Mohammad Athar Staff asked 2 years ago
I would like to know why only 4 out of the 5 duplicate contents on my blog have been performing poorly on Google. For instance, the keywords are:
  1. How to hang a TV in your own room
  2. How to hang a TV in your friend's room
  3. How to hang a TV
Is there any way around it as they have all been well optimized?  
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McAdams answered 2 years ago
They haven't REALLY been well optimized because there's really no difference between hanging a TV in your own room, your friend's room, or anywhere else. It's a superfluous differentiator. Now... I'm assuming that this is not the "real" term you're going for but just an example. I can't imagine people would spend a lot of time looking on how to hang a TV and then caring about whether it's their room or their friend's room - but if they DID care, then you might solve it by approaching it like this. Make ONE article about hanging the TV - and then add a section to it. Maybe that section is "Places You Can Hang A TV" and then make an ordered or unordered list of the places. - Your Room - Your Friend's Room - Your Brother's Room etc. No need for 30 posts just to cover one VERY long tail variation on the main point of the search term.