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62f9b272b3772c279da3cb2c5e9a8a4c?s=48&d=mm&r=gMohammad Athar Staff asked 1 year ago
How to completely remove or disable sidebar in OceanWP theme?

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?s=48&d=mm&r=gFajal Shah answered 11 months ago
In order to disable the sidebar when using the OceanWP WordPress Theme, proceed with following steps:
– Navigate to Appearance -> Customize -> Widgets and drag all widgets above ‘Text’ widget into side bar.
The screenshot below illustrates how this is done:
– Go to Settings -> Sidebar on left > Theme Specified Potential Sidebars and uncheck the boxes for “Widgets” and “Footer”. These include two different ways of disabling that sidebar.
After completing these actions, click Update Profile under Actions at right-hand bottom corner of screen. To find which page you’re updating, look at ‘Where am I?’ dropdown menu in top right corner of screen.

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