Best Sites to Keep Yourself Updated

Well, every person loves to read some valuable content. However most of the times, we land upon pages with absolutely no value and a lot of decorated words and big offers for selling their products/affiliate products. Here are some examples

Screenshot 2021 02 26 at 14.54.00

This site is giving useless offers. e.g. SEMRush can be bought for not more than Rs. 200. But instead of telling about Group Buy Sites (like SEOToolsAdda), they promote these tools which are too costly.

Here is another blogger fooling the users to purchase product using their affiliate links

Screenshot 2021 02 26 at 14.58.05

I will always recommend you to avoid following these blogging experts as they simply use their brand name for selling useless products and services. Here are some sites which I follow to actually learn something.

Search Engine Journal

This is on the top of my list. SEJ is an amazing website with quite valuable information. Everyday when I wake up, I read the articles on SEJ, These guys write amazing content in lucid language. And the best thing, they are free.

I learn new updates, trending ideas and what not of SEJ. A blogger who aspires to learn something new should keep SEJ on the top of their list.

Search Engine Land

This website is somewhat similar to SEJ. They also share commendable knowledge on SEO, SMO, Keyword Research etc. Visit SEL.

Domain Name Wire

Every blogger like me loves to know what is happening in Domain Market. This website covers the deals about premium domains. Its good to the market and its trend. So, do read their articles often.

Google Developers Blog

Learning SEO without the father of this field is incomplete :-D. Do read their articles often as Google is the most authentic and appropriate source of knowledge.

Google Team shares recent updates and changes on their blogs along with instructions and tutorials. Checkout the site here.

ahrefs Blog

I love ahrefs blog. Their content writers are amazing and share a lot of useful information in quite simple and lucid language. In addition, they use quite interactive images and videos. Keep ahrefs in your blogs list and never miss any of their articles.

Ezoic Blog

Ezoic is a great platform, not only for learning but also for knowledge. In consider Ezoic as a lifeline for new websites (you need at least 10k monthly sessions to apply for their ads platform). I made my site successful only because of Ezoic though I had to leave this platform after some time.

Content Writers of Ezoic often share long and comprehensive guides relating to SEO and Web world.

Alexa Blog

Alexa Blog is also a good source of information. I love their infographics, case studies and comprehensive articles.