How to Write SEO Friendly Title for Blog and Rank Higher in SERPs?

In this article, I will discuss in detail my way of choosing the title for a blog post which will help you rank in Google, Bing, Yandex and Baidu.

Well, before we begin, I assume that:

  1. you know well what your niche is,
  2. you have purchased an appropriate domain name for your site,
  3. you also know the strategies well which you will follow for producing content.

So, let us begin.

Importance of An Appropriate Title

Title is the most important part of any blog post or video or image or any such thing which you want to rank on Search Engines. Title can be considered as a way to your destination. A wrong way always leads to failure. And a well established and well-known path leads to success.

Case Study

Hence, until we give proper title to a blog post, it will never be able to rank in SERPs. You will often find people asking these questions

How to make blog visible in Google Searches
Why my post does not come up on google
source: quora

And the funny part is the answers which they get. Look at the following answers:

WhatsApp Image 2020 09 22 at 19.04.58 7
source: quora

This gentleman has cleverly inserted a lot of affiliate links and the value is almost nothing. Similarly, here is another gentleman explaining the trick of getting traffic:

Paid SEO Tools for Site Ranking
source: quora

According to him, you need to pay to ahrefs, SemRush, Moz etc in order to rank. And according to him there are many factors which is a problematic statement in itself.

Check out these people fooling the people in the name of getting traffic.

According to them, ranking on Google is Rocket Science and they have a magical formula for doing so. But what I have experienced over the years is quite different from what they preach.

Best Practices for Writing Blog Post Title

We Do Not Need Paid Tools

Before starting blogging, do remember that we DO NOT REQUIRE PAID TOOLS for becoming successful. Anybody recommending you to purchase paid tools is fooling you.

We do require paid tools but only when we reach a certain level and earn enough.

So, for choosing a title, we need to know what exactly are we going to write on. We should have a clear cut idea of the topic and also about what problem we are going to solve by writing it.

Think, why we open google? To find something, right? It means we need something which we don’t have. Hence the blog which provides us with what we need is solving our problem.

Similarly, you should make your content problem solving rather than a mere post of 1000 words.

User Intent

Now we need to know what exactly the people want. So, what we will do? We will put a short tail keyword in Explore Keywords A-Z Keyword Tool. e.g. for writing this article, I searched “blog post title” and I got a number of ideas (i.e. problems) and thus I make my content optimised which will solve all the problems/ answer all the questions of the user.

Keiword's A-Z Keywords Generator Tool

These keywords are called long tail keywords because they tell what the user is actually looking for when he puts something on Google search box.

Long Tail Keywords show user intent i.e. the intention behind his search. e.g. if I need to look for features of my MacBook Pro, I will search “features of New Macbook Pro 2019”. On the other hand, if I want to buy a Mac, I will search “Buy macbook pro 2019”.

Did you notice two keywords (features in the first search and buy in the second search)? These keywords show the google what the user exactly needs. In the first search, I need to know about Mac and in the second search, I need to buy a Mac. Thus Google will show the best results which will fulfil the need of the users.

When we write the title of the article, we should remain know well, why the user will come to our site. The sites which are most affected after a Google Update are those whose content do not satisfy user’s intent. Those sites are also affected by Google’s update which use cheap marketing methods like backlinking and Almighty knows what.

So, when you write an article about the features of MacBook Pro the title of the post should be like “new and best features of macbook pro 2019

Use of Odd Numbers, Year and Question Pronouns

Another important thing which should be included in the title. Look at the following examples

How to write a good title
source: list25
Writing a good title

Note how these sites are using numbers in their titles. Google loves the titles with numbers, years and dates and so do we.

Similarly the content having What, Why, Which, When, How, Who also have an edge in ranking. You can use Explore Keywords Question Generator Tool for producing questions based on the keywords.

Screenshot 2020 09 22 at 20.25.05
source: question keywords generator tool

Finally, if you need to go for writing an affiliate post, you may use Explore Keywords Marketing Keyword Generator Tool.

I hope this article will provide beneficial for you.

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