How to Find Low Competition Long Tail Keywords Using 8 Free Tools

Keywords are the foundation and most important elements of SEO as well as SMO. Without proper use of keywords, it is almost impossible to rank your website or articles on Search Engines.

Every day, millions of new article are published and indexed in Search Engines (especially Google). Hence it is quite difficult for any page to rank on 1st page of Google.

We cannot rank our website on the keyword “Digital Marketing” which has around 550,000 monthly searches. Hence, the need of long tail keywords appears.

What are Long Tail Keywords?

Long Tail Keywords are made up of more than 6-7 words and are quite specific and contain the intent of user. They tell the Search Engine, what the user is exactly searching for. e.g. “Digital Marketing” is a short tail keyword. We cannot know what the user wants or desires to know (neither can a Search Engine!).

But “What digital marketing skills are in demand?” is a long tail keyword. It tells the Google that the user is seeking information about the contemporary relevance of Digital Marketing. So, one of the most important aspects of SEO is to know what the user is searching on internet. For this we need to find the question (i.e. long tail keyword) of the user.

How to Find Long Tail Keywords?

It is very easy to find the long tail keywords. There are various free tools available on the internet. We will discuss some of them here.

Google’s Autocomplete Feature

We can use Google’s autocomplete feature of Google. In other words, you simply type the topic name and Google will show suggestions related to the topic.

Screenshot 2020 08 23 at 22.39.29 1

You can include letters, words, numbers or phrases before (as prefixes) as well as after (as suffixes) the topic name. e.g. you can try “best digital marketing” or digital marketing in 2020″.

Google’s “People also ask” and “Related Searches” Sections

Google introduced “People also ask” in 2015. You can find this section on the first page after you search something on Google. This section includes most asked questions related to the searched term. Click on any of these questions and some more questions will appear in the bottom.

Screenshot 2020 08 24 at 02.11.25

Similarly, the bottom of a search page shows Related Queries which can be used for headlines and even in the content.

Screenshot 2020 08 24 at 02.17.38

Explore Keywords Keyword Suggestion Tools

Next in the list is Explore Keywords suggestion tools which can be used for generating long tail keywords in bulk. Question Keyword Suggestions Tool can be used to find all the questions related to the given topic.

Screenshot 2020 08 23 at 22.47.58

Similarly, Marketing Keyword Suggestion Tool can generate long tail keywords for products and services.

Screenshot 2020 08 24 at 02.26.34

You can also extract long tail keywords of Bing, Youtube, Amazon, Yahoo, Ask, Yandex etc by using Explore Keywords Instant Keyword Suggestions Tool.

Screenshot 2020 08 24 at 02.29.37

You can also use Unlimited Keyword Generation Tool for generating thousands of keywords for your next article.

Screenshot 2020 08 24 at 02.34.36

All of these tools are free to use and there in no restriction.


Next important long tail keyword generator tool is KeywordShitter. It works like Explore Keywords Unlimited Keyword Generation Tool. Insert any keyword in the text box and press “Shit Keywords” and see the magic!

Screenshot 2020 08 24 at 02.39.00


Soovle is another important keyword generator tool. Just enter any word in the text box and you will find ample of keywords from Wikipedia, Google, Ask, Youtube, Bing, Yahoo etc.

You can change the search engines by clicking on “engines” on the top right.

Screenshot 2020 08 24 at 02.40.37 1

Simple Long-Tail Keyword Generator

This is another interesting site which can be used for generating long tail keywords. You find three boxes, “Primary Keywords”, Descriptive Words” and “Modifier Keywords”. Insert the keywords and their respective information in these boxes. It will generate a large number of long tail keywords.

Screenshot 2020 08 24 at 02.49.14

Ahrefs Keyword Generator Tool

Ahref’s free keyword generator tool is one of my favourite tools. It shows long tail keyword, their KD (Keyword Difficulty) and volume. You can also see the data from Bing, Amazon and Youtube in addition to Google.

The free plan can show the data up to 100 keywords. In order to see all the keywords and their data, you will have to upgrade the plan.

Screenshot 2020 08 24 at 02.56.25

HyperSuggest Keyword Tool

The last important tool is HyperSuggest. This tool has various features like searching keywords with Wh-Questions. It extracts long tail keywords from Images, Ebay, Instagram and even news sites.

Screenshot 2020 08 24 at 03.06.52

So, these are some of the important long tail keyword suggestion tools which you can use in your content and rank higher in Search Engines.

Which tool, do you think, is the best of these?

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