5 Best and Free Keyword Research Tools for Youtube in 2021

YouTube is, no doubt, an integral part of modern man. Youngs, adults and even old people spend a considerable time on YouTube. Today YouTube is not just an entertainment platform but a place where we learn, explore and get up-to-date information.

With increase in content, demand for new things also increases and so does the opportunity to grab the audience by providing them what they want and thus build your brand.

Earlier, people would search “What is Digital Marketing”, but today we find keywords like “how will digital marketing change in the future”, “do digital marketing agencies need insurance” and so on. This craze among people to know minute things in the niche can be taken as an opportunity to make strategies.

However, the biggest problem is to know what exactly people need and for that, we need data which is put behind the price barriers and thus most of us who cannot afford to pay hefty amounts for the sake of data, remain deprived of new ideas.

Honestly telling, I literally hate these kinds of messages when I search for keyword ideas. This website gives only 3 searches for free in a day and then asks to upgrade to pro which in simple words means, pay us money.

free trail keywords

Another problem which I often find is that we do not have tools specifically for YouTube, though people have become millionaires by vlogging.

Keeping all this in mind, we have developed 4 tools for YouTube Keyword Research. These tools are FREE FOREVER, do not require any sign up and can be used for unlimited number of searches. Let us discuss these tools in detail.

Instant Keyword Research Tool for YouTube

The first tool which I have for you is our Instant Keyword Research Tool. This tool works like YouTube’s autocomplete but has some additional useful features.

Instant Keyword Research Tool for YouTube
source: explorekeywords.com

Using this tool, you can find what people search on Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon and eBay. You can compare the search results to understand how people use different platforms.

In addition, you will also get an insight of buyers keywords as the tools show what people search on eCommerce sites like Amazon and eBay. This way, you can capture the relevant products and services and include their affiliate links into your YouTube videos.

The tool has important features like copy all keywords using the notes icon (on the top right of each box) and download all keywords

buyer keyword generator
source: explorekeywords.com

Try this tool =>

A-Z Keyword Research Tool for YouTube

The second important tool in the list is A-Z Keyword Research Tool for YouTube. You can use this tool to get hundreds of ideas as it will extract all possible keyword ideas by suffixing english letters.

how to do keyword research for youtube videos

Like the previous tool, this tool also have feature to copy all keywords from each section. Simply click the icon on the right top of the section from which you desire to copy the keywords.

In addition, you can download all the keywords in .txt format. by clicking the download button in the bottom.

Try this tool =>

Marketing Keywords Suggestions for YouTube

This tool is important for those who are promoting their affiliate products. Simply put any keyword like a brand name and hit Enter.

The tool will search Google and provide keywords adding mostly used prefixes and suffixes. These keywords will also help you understand what exactly people search for the products and services for which you want to create videos.

keyword research for youtube free

This tool also have features of copying keywords from each section and downloading all the keywords in .txt format.

Try this tool =>

Question Keyword Suggestions Tool for YouTube

The last tool which we have for you is the Question Keywords Suggestions for YouTube. This tool fetches all possible questions relating to the keyword entered. Thus you will be able to understand the intent of user (what he exactly wants). You can organise these questions and create tutorials as solutions for the users.

question keyword research tool for seo

Here, I have entered the keyword “SEO” and got hundreds of questions relating to the term. Thus I was able to understand what people want to know about SEO.

Try this tool =>

Google Trends

If we talk about Keyword Research, the list remains incomplete without Google Trends. Go to Google Trends, click on Web Search and select YouTube Search. Insert the keyword and hit search. Select the country if you want to target a particular region or else select Worldwide.

google trends for youtube videos

This way, you will be able to know the interest of people in the topic. It is said that practice makes a man perfect. Use Google Trends often to unlock the true potential of the tool.


So, these were the tools which I hope will be useful for your future videos. Which tool out of these, did you find most useful? Do you have any other tool in mind which? Tell us in comments!

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